Dabbling in New Words and a New Medium

So I’m a boring human being and I do absolutely nothing all day, which is why it makes no sense why I’ve been dabbling in vlogging.

And yet, I find it therapeutic.

It’s like journaling. I get to record the things going on in my life for posterity. I also get to play in a new medium. As of right now, I’m still just using my “not so up-to-date” smartphone and the default video editor that came with Windows, so it’s not fancy.

I get over the frustration of older technology by telling myself that this is some sort of trial or that I’m “paying my dues” and will eventually level up. Then I can get a better camera (and not a smartphone that consistently tries to refocus, even though it was already focused) and a video editing program (and not one which offers me the use of 3D emojis, only to tell me that none of them are actually available to me. WHY OFFER IT THEN?!).

*clears my throat*


I like to think I’m getting better.

My friend and I have been trading vlogs each week. We’ve been playing with our formats and layouts, testing what types of vlogs we want to make. I’ve decided I like the format of weekly vlogs. Sometimes they all of the footage is themed. Most of the time, it is a log of the interesting things I happen upon each day. They always cover Sunday through Saturday, starting with errand day and ending with cozy critique days.

It’s been ten straight weeks of vlogs so far and I still like it, which is promising!

Here is my latest:

We’ll see how the content changes in November when NaNoWriMo starts. I may try my hand at a few “write with me” style videos.

We’ll see.




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