Jocelyn DeVore is a writer, a keyboard adventurer, a word-slinger, and a storyteller. She is also a caffeine addict, a happy camper, a wannabe hiker, a board gamer, a Wrimo, and a bibliophile who is also a fledgling fountain pen/ink enthusiast.

She lives in a “made-for-TV” style neighborhood in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and dog.

“My ultimate goal with the written word is to make people laugh, provide escapism, and provoke thought. Whether that thought is ‘OMG, what did I just read?!’ or ‘Life is a curious thing.’ Well… That remains to be seen.”

Joy’s Favorite Things:

  • Surrounding herself with stories
  • Coffee
  • Stationary
  • Octopi
  • Being crafty
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom candles from Bath & Body Works
  • Shows with witty, snappy dialogue
  • Old 50’s sci-fi and horror B-Movies
  • Oversized sweaters and scarves
  • Mismatched tea sets
  • A combination of cute and scary
  • This gif: