vlog | kanban goals, craft books, and coffee

Last week was rough. I was going through some personal stuff at the beginning of the week, which (I assumed) would set the tone for the rest of the week. But–as it turns out–I have a great support system. With Husbando, Teddy, and some close friends, I was able to salvage the week after all.

Doing a vlog is a weird thing. For the past few weeks, I was busy enough that I spend a chunk of the weekend editing my vlog instead of working on it a little each night. What I’ve realized is that I often forget a lot about what has happened at the beginning of the week. Even important things. For example, how awful the start of my week was.

Anyway, here’s last Sunday’s vlog!

Next Sunday’s vlog is going to be full of writing stuff since it is the week before NaNo 2021!




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