A Short Update

It’s been a little crazy here at the DeVore Business and Industrial Park. Despite the fact that I didn’t have the time to post a podcast episode this week, I have been able to write (priorities).  I’m also thinking about different platforms and ways I can promote myself once I start publishing books. I evenContinue reading “A Short Update”

Oh Hai There

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. While I’m not super consistent about posting on this blog, know that there is always a lot going on around me. Just to help this go by faster, let’s do another lightening round update! Our house may be haunted by a ghost. In reality, it’sContinue reading “Oh Hai There”

“July” 30-Day Challenge

The other day, I gave The Great Husbando a big hug and while in this warm embrace he said, “Your heartbeat is really fast.” Now while I could have just dropped an “It’s because I’m near you,” I didn’t because I knew the reason why: heart disease, hypertension, and all of those other worrisome cardiovascularContinue reading ““July” 30-Day Challenge”

Storytime! feat. Whidbey Island and birthdays

Chapter One: Whidbey Island A few weekends ago, The Great Husbando, the Director of HR, and I ventured out into the wilds, otherwise known as… the outdoors. Just for two days. My family wanted to go to Whidbey Island to spend some time together and go on a short adventure. So, we all donned ourContinue reading “Storytime! feat. Whidbey Island and birthdays”

Teleseryes… Podcasts… Pride… Mules…

I wouldn’t say that I’m in a creative rut. On the contrary, I’m buzzing with excitement and creativity. The problem is I don’t know where to focus it. I have a non-writing creative outlet (I’ve been working on a few dioramas of scenes from some old short stories). However, when it comes to writing, I…Continue reading “Teleseryes… Podcasts… Pride… Mules…”

Whoops. Time for the Lightening Round Update.

Hey, so it’s been a hot second. Instead of my normal, super-long blog post, I’m just going to update you lightening-round-style. Ready? OKAY! Let’s do this! I had to let my snails go back into the wild. But I was glad to have one of my best friends go out snail hunting with me. SheContinue reading “Whoops. Time for the Lightening Round Update.”

Words… Wheels… Mail… Whiskey

The Bloggy Part: So my new story has a bit of a backstory. We’re going to hop into the Wayback machine for just a quick jaunt. Poplar Cove: The Podcast was written after a good friend suggested that we write stories that mash-up two opposing genres. I chose Lovecraftian and Soap Opera. I loved howContinue reading “Words… Wheels… Mail… Whiskey”

Cubicle… Crate… New… Yellow…

*I’m not affiliated or working with this company or any other company in this post. The Bloggy Part:  The DeVore Business and Industrial Park has been thriving in these last few weeks. The Great Husbando has been working as a trainer for a new set of cubicle drones. I’m not using this phrase in aContinue reading “Cubicle… Crate… New… Yellow…”

Raise… Writing… King… Apple…

*I’m not sponsored by the CBC Writing Workout or any other links. The Bloggy Part: I officially resigned from NaNoWriMo as the municipal liaison for my region. I loved doing it and still intend on participating in the events every year.  It’s run by some great people and I love the organization. However, I hadContinue reading “Raise… Writing… King… Apple…”