The Changing of Leaves and Projects

Having lived through it, the past week feels hectic, but it probably doesn’t appear hectic from the outside. Here at The DeVore Business and Industrial Park, we’ve been slowly decorating our house in fall and Halloween décor. Since we probably won’t get trick-or-treaters again this year, we haven’t really decorated our front porch.

NaNoWriMo 2021

Last year, I was disappointed we couldn’t do the midnight write-in on October 31st, at our local diner. This year most of the restaurants in town are open again, but–for obvious reasons–they have cut back their hours. So no midnight write-in again this year. Having a virtual option is nice but it’s not the same. The turnout last year was lackluster and we were all pretty Zoom-fatigued at that point.

My project for this year has changed a few times already. I want to choose something I’ll be able to market. The first book in a series, hopefully. We shall see.

My indecision probably stems from my insecurities about publication. Part of me just wants to write what I want. Don’t write to market. Just write what I would want to read. The problem, however, is I really need to focus on my writing goals which–at this point–are twofold:

  1. Write something which will make people laugh and make people smile.
  2. Eventually make enough money from my writing, that Husbando doesn’t have to work… which will make him smile. LOL

These two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I should be able to write something that makes people smile and can make me money. However, my genre of choice would be “weird fiction” and that’s not super marketable. So I’m having to compromise on genre to meet these goals.

Luckily, I like writing in different genres. I just need to narrow my focus on the genre that would make me happy and hope that I write well enough to meet these two goals.



Why can’t writing be the hardest part about writing?




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