Routine is a Drill Instructor

I like routines. I like spontaneity. I like fingerless gloves. I like old dime store novels. I like–Oh wait, there was a point to this. Routines are something I need to establish in order to be more productive. Because in order to knock out a few of those bucket list items, I need to be able to produce results.

*smacks desk to show I mean business*

Remember a couple weeks ago when I said, “This is not a vow“? This isn’t one of those either. Instead, consider this a letter of intent… which sounds much more ominous than I planned. Each week, I want to:

  • Publish a blog post
  • Publish a vlog
  • Have takeout without feeling guilty
  • Spend an entire day reading books
  • Finish a short story
  • Adopt a dog
  • Maybe sometimes publish one of those short stories here on my website

Now, I won’t be able to do all of those things, but I’d love to do at least two of those each week. I’d love to publish either one vlog or one blog each week, for example.

This is when my Passion Planner Daily will come in handy. I’ve been spending the last quarter getting used to it and trying to find my own system.

Tomorrow is October. It is a glorious time where I don’t have to feel guilty about doing all things Halloween. It’s also the start of a new month, which means a new 30-Day Challenge. Now, I’ve been spending most of September thinking about what to do for October. In addition to it being Preptober (the month before National Novel Writing Month, which is dedicated to planning out your NaNoWriMo project), it will also be my month to:

“spend 30 days stepping away from toxic relationships”

Why not spend my favorite season surrounding myself with positivity and people who make me happy? Instead of being around people who make me feel bad about myself, due to some misplaced sense of (blind) loyalty?

I’ve been feeling a little lonely lately and I think it’s because I am waiting for and watching toxic friends instead of focusing on myself and on the other healthier friendships in my life.

I do want to note that while I’m stepping away from these relationships, I’m not cutting ties fully. From past experience, I know that each relationship has its boundaries. Sometimes, depending on those relationships, the boundaries change. I just need to find where the boundaries of these relationships are. That’s not usually difficult but, when those boundaries shift a significant amount, it can be much harder and take more of an emotional toll. So that’s where I am now.

Since I’ve already come to terms with this, I feel like October should be easy on me. This initial realization (which happened about mid-July) was heartbreaking. But such is life.

In addition to the 30-Day challenge, it’s a new quarter which means new quarterly goals! I’m currently finalizing those so more on that later.

TL;DR – October 30-Day Challenge is to shoo away toxic relationships. Routines are hard but I have my-

-handy dandy Passion Planner Daily. Also, Q4 goals!




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