I bought a blazer.

On a scale of “pajama pants at noon” to “owning a blazer,” how adult are you?

I’m at a solid five since I am currently wearing pajama pants at noon but I also just got a blazer in the mail. My very first blazer. Like a freakin’ grown up. Now all I need is a pair of (non-pajama) plaid pants and I’ll be set. Yes, this comes with a story.

The other day, I was talking with a few writery friends about what an author’s uniform would look like. We looked up a number of “author lookbooks” and I noticed that the one thing they had in common was… plaid pants. Is that the equivalent of a badge? Maybe the pattern or color depicts what type of writer you are. Does the red/black plaid mean you write horror? And the beige/black say you’re a literary writer? But then I thought, What kind would I wear?

Why… these, of course:

But then, What type of writer would I be?

The comfortable type.

So what color/pattern of plaid would you wear? Do you have a blazer? Where are you on the pajama-blazer scale?



  1. Distracted Sunbeam says:

    Comin’ in late! I own a blazer, and it’s even a soft jersey blazer! It’s like the pajama version of a blazer. 😆 I haven’t worn it in ages, but it’s there if I ever planned to. Now to secure some respectable(ish) plaid pants! 👍


    1. OMG, that is the type of blazer I want: a soft jersey blazer!

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      1. Distracted Sunbeam says:

        I got mine at Walmart like a decade ago. But I know there have to be more out there! Don’t give up hope! 😀


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