Poplar Cove Season One Trailer

Poplar Cove Season One Trailer. A new resident in Poplar Cove. Also a telenovela. https://jocelyndevore.podbean.com/mf/web/nqim2a/Poplar_Cove_Trailer_Season_One.mp3   Like what you hear? Check out all of the available episodes and audio extras at the PodBean site or on iTunes. Like, comment, share, download, or follow the pages to show your support.   Music: “Greta Sting” “Neo Western” “As IContinue reading “Poplar Cove Season One Trailer”

What is Poplar Cove?

“Poplar Cove: The Podcast” is a biweekly podcast with full length episodes that are uploaded once every two weeks. Though, you may notice a few fun extras in between episodes. The borders at Poplar Cove, WA open on July 18th, 2017.   You are about to enter Poplar Cove, Washington. Visitors are allowed access for oneContinue reading “What is Poplar Cove?”