December 13, 2018 (Moths-Sacrilege) 

My Wiki adventure starts with Tesma fractifascia which is a moth in the Arctiinae family. Easy enough, considering the only other facts on the page consist of where it is located (Nigeria, Cameroon, and Uganda) and that it was described by George Hampson in 1918. It was as if the universe decided to ease me into this project.

The “article” reminded me of the recent swarm (ha) of moth/lamp memes. 2018 is going to seem so strange when archaeology students from the future look in their textbooks and find:

But what else do you expect when you also see that this was the year Apple got dinged for deliberately slowing down their older generation phones; Facebook got dinged for selling users’ personal data to other companies; the government and Hollywood exploded with sexual harassment, rape allegations, and other forms of sexual misconduct (the news felt like episodes of Law & Order SVU); orange snow fell all over Europe; the Golden State Killer was finally caught after 32 years; we developed running robots (Why? Why would… *sigh*); scientists implanted human brain cells into mice; someone created an “everything repellent”; some Yale neuro-scientists reanimated a few pig brains (WHY); Bull City Burger and Brewery, in North Carolina, created a roasted tarantula burger (W.H.Y.); one of the most powerful countries in the world still had a reality show host and businessman as president; and MIT researchers developed a self-driving car (which we immediately turned into UBER Eats vehicles because we’re a bunch of lazy slobs). Also, we realized that The Simpsons’ writers might actually see into the future. I bet that moth/lamp meme is looking pretty boring now, huh?

Today’s Wiki adventures also included:

Chiloglottis sylvestris which sounds a little dirty, but isn’t. It’s actually an orchid that is surrounded by “fine, radiating, red, club-shaped calli on two-thirds of the base of the labellum” (also not dirty). You can find this flower (also called the wasp orchid) in Queensland and Wales. This reminded me that I need to brush up on my Welsh because it’s a dead language and most of the people in Wales don’t speak Welsh so maybe I should just knit instead.

Fergus O’Hare who was a member of People’s Democracy in the 60s and 70s and was involved in the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland.

Miomantis diademata which is a species of praying mantis. My mind immediately went to a recent quote from the maknae (youngest) member of my favorite K-Pop boy band who said he prayed for his members every night during their debut days:

With my latest obsession with K-Pop, I’m honestly surprised that this post took so long to loop back to EXO. I’m not sorry. Actually, I am a little. Here’s a picture of my dog as atonement:

Who Killed Bambi? is a French film about a doctor and nursing student who don’t do porn. Instead they investigate disappearances at their hospital. Nice wholesome fun! It had mixed reviews but there wasn’t a plot summary, so I might try to find it somewhere.

Legion the name given to a demon or a group of demons. Like how a bunch of crows is called a murder, a bunch of cats is clowder, and a bunch of disappointments is called “my life.” Also, I didn’t realize that Jesus actually performed an exorcism. I get that he healed people. I just never pictured him at the foot of someone’s bed while she puked split pea soup all over his shoes. I mean, feet. In addition to Wikipedia, I should probably read the bible.

So far this project is bringing back memories from when I first started freelance writing and I would research a number of different topics each day. Of course, those topics were a little more useful. This is a little more… sacrilege.


Wiki count: 6

Day Number: 1