30ish-Day Challenge: Wardrobe


Some background info you don’t really need:

This year, I participated in Lent with the goal of “omitting processed food from my diet.” The point of lent is to do something (by either enabling a habit or omitting something) which will help you get closer to God or to strengthen your relationship with God. Don’t worry, I’m not going to preach. That’s not the point of this. In fact, the only reason why I’m mentioning it, is because I wanted to tell you where my journey started.

Last month (approximately two months after the end of Lent), I hopped on the Whole30 bandwagon. I liked having a set of rules to follow. When I was participating in Lent, I wasn’t sure exactly what to omit when it came to gray areas; I had to come up with my own rules. This time, however, I liked being able to go to a website (or ask a friend) to see if something was Whole30-complaint.

After the first month of Whole30, my takeaways have been:

  • I can’t believe how many things have sugar in them.
  • Black coffee isn’t as bad as I made it out to be (I admit, I was overly dramatic about it)
  • I don’t miss sugary drinks.
  • It was surprisingly easy to give up bread (though rice is a different story).
  • My body reacted to sugar and lactose the most (though it seems to handle lactose all right if in moderation).
  • Eating healthy just requires a lot of cooking and portion control (the latter being the hardest part).
  • I think I can keep up with the healthy eating if I’m given enough time to cook and prepare food.
  • It helps to do this with a friend. I can also almost guarantee that it is also easier if everyone in the house is on the same diet as you.

My body reacted well to everything, which made me think: “Well, what else can I try out for 30 days? What other habits can I change?”


What’s going on:

After a bit of self-reflection, I’ve decided to not focus on diet (for once) and focus on my clothing instead. I’m waffling between the Minimalist Uniform Wardrobe and the 33-3 Challenge. The uniform wardrobe is really just a more structured/strict form of the 33-3 and, honestly, I think I can do both and be fine.


What is the 33-3 Challenge?

33-3 stands for 33 articles of clothing and accessories for 3 months. That means (other than lounge-wear/pjs, undies, and *actual* workout clothes) the only clothing and accessories I am supposed to wear, should easily fit in my dresser. 33 items. This includes jewelry, scarves, shirts, pants, and jackets. I’ll have to do more research about socks. I hope socks aren’t included in those 33 items. Join me in finding more info about the 33-3 Challenge, and about the importance of socks here.

[SIDENOTE: Socks aren’t included in those 33 items. Whew.]


What’s this Minimalist Uniform thing you’re talking about?

Meanwhile the minimalist uniform wardrobe focuses on wearing the same thing to work/going out every day. Since I work from home, that basically means that I’ll be wearing the same basic colors/style of shirt and pants, until I change into my pajamas. I’m fine with that.


This screenshot is from Matt D’Avella’s YouTube video “My Minimalist Wardrobe”. It’s a great video if you want more info about minimalist wardrobes. Check it out here.


This screenshot is from Simple Victoria’s YouTube video “Capsule Wardrobe//Minimalist Fashion” which is a great take on the minimalist closet as well. You can find the video here.

But why?

As long as I’m comfortable, I don’t actually see this as much of a challenge. It’ll be much easier to do laundry (perhaps one load every other week so it’ll be less wash-wear on those articles of clothing). I don’t see myself as a fashionista at all. I’ve never been interested in wearing the latest fashions.

Don’t get me wrong, people who wear the latest trends often look great. I occasionally check out fashionista Instagram accounts cause the aesthetics are usually so pretty. And who doesn’t like to look at pretty things? It’s just not something I want to spend time on.

I’d rather spend time creating, writing, or reading, instead of standing in front of my closet, wondering what I should wear. Now, I don’t know if I consider myself a minimalist. I know what I consider important (in terms of material things) and I like to surround myself with those things: books, pens, coffee, octopus plushies… But I also know that things aren’t as important as loved ones, and if I had to get rid of (let’s say) 1/3 of my stuff, I’m pretty sure I know what I would give up.

Maybe that’s why I’m doing this. So I can see what I really do need in my wardrobe and what I can get rid of.

As of right now, I see my (future) active wardrobe consisting of:

  1. Jeans
  2. Shorts (pink)
  3. Shorts (light green)
  4. Shorts (white and gray striped)
  5. Hoodie (gray Olympic College pullover, over-sized)
  6. Hoodie (gray zip-up, thin)
  7. Hoodie (black, over-sized)
  8. Thin coat (green)
  9. Thicker coat (dark blue, Dickeys)
  10. T-shirt (black)
  11. T-shirt (black)
  12. T-shirt (black)
  13. T-shirt (black)
  14. T-shirt (black)
  15. T-shirt (black)
  16. T-shirt (black)
  17. T-shirt (gray)
  18. T-shirt (gray)
  19. T-shirt (gray)
  20. T-shirt (gray)
  21. T-shirt (gray)
  22. T-shirt (gray)
  23. T-shirt (gray)
  24. Tank top (black)
  25. Tank top (black)
  26. Tank top (white)
  27. Tank top (white)
  28. Scarf (black and white, banned books)
  29. Scarf (Pink)
  30. Necklace (Octopus)
  31. Black diamond-shaped lace earrings
  32. Blue running shoes
  33. Coral shoes (fake Converse from Target)

Tomorrow I’m going to Goodwill and Ross to see what I can find for black and gray shirts. I’ll also be looking for gray stretchy pants. If I find those, I’ll need to swap something out for those. Cause I love me some comfy pants.