vlog | first week of nano 2021

Husbando and I had a successful first week of NaNoWriMo. The week wasn’t without its struggles though. While Husbando is struggling with a few character motivations, I have been struggling with my own motivation for the story.

I love my characters and both critique groups seem excited about the story (which is great). I think, though, this might not be my future series. I can see this as merely a standalone (sub)urban dark fantasy.

I’ve been dabbling in bookbinding and papermaking as well. I love being crafty so this is a great way to incorporate my love of books into my crafty side as well.

Vlog highlights:

  • Teddy is a dorkus
  • Papermaking guac
  • DIY bookpress
  • Book milestones
  • Size matters
  • Orange rolls

Last Sunday’s vlog: