Buckets for Words

When it rains, it pours… blog posts edition.

You’ll have to bear with me as I flood my website with blog posts. I have a lot of stories to share. After all, before this week, it had been a year since my previous post.

For example, there was that time that I accidentally bought single-ply toilet paper for the house and the bathroom experience was the most depressing thing for nearly an entire week, before I could no longer stand it. So now we have a whole bag full of single-ply toilet paper just sitting in the cabinet. Of course, I have since picked up the hobby of papermaking. The thought of using the single-ply to make paper, and then binding said paper into a guest book for the bathroom, had crossed my mind. But then we saw a bathroom guest book at Cost Plus World Market, and it was much prettier than anything I could have made. So here we are. With a bathroom full of single ply paper and a guest book for you to record your pooping experience in.

Then there was the time that I hired Fabio to work our dry bar and now he just spends all his time there. It’s like we can’t get rid of him. Not that we want to; he’s part of our family now.

Also, Cornelius Bones.

Yes, our family has grown quite a bit since I stopped posting regularly. But this post isn’t about any of those things. Those stories are for a different time.


The other night I was pondering my existence (as one does) and I was suddenly reminded of my bucket list. I hadn’t thought about that list in so long. Since then my goals and dreams have changed. So I started a new list from scratch. It has the typical “skydiving” entries but also:

  • Host a monthly poker night with friends
  • Cross country train trip with Husbando
  • Midnight picnic to look for UFOs
  • An entire section devoted to 30 Day challenges
  • Get my private investigator license

…just to name a few.

However, the portion I want to talk about today is the writing section. I have accomplished some of the things on the list already. I’ve done the spoken word poetry thing. I’ve published short stories in magazines. I’ve written and published an audio drama. There’s so much more I’d love to accomplish, though:

  • Compile and publish a book of short fiction
  • Publish novels in the weird fiction genre
  • Write a mystery
  • Write a book of personal essays
  • Write a book about creativity or writing (in hopes that it will inspire someone)
  • Write an over-the-top satirical trashy romance novel
  • Get published in The New Yorker

And that’s only a third of what’s on the list. I know I just have to work at it, one story at a time. There is one thing on the list. It’s far-fetched. Quite the pipe dream. But why not have a pipe dream?

  • Have a writing career which will pay for our lifestyle, so Husbando no longer has to work, and I can spend my time writing novels.

It’s been done before. Not by amateurs, but by people who know what they’re doing. People who hone their skills. People who live and breathe the written word. I want to be one of those. One of the chosen.

What about you? What are your writing goals? What sorts of things are on your bucket list? Would you like to purchase a basket full of single-ply toilet paper?



I bought a blazer.

On a scale of “pajama pants at noon” to “owning a blazer,” how adult are you?

I’m at a solid five since I am currently wearing pajama pants at noon but I also just got a blazer in the mail. My very first blazer. Like a freakin’ grown up. Now all I need is a pair of (non-pajama) plaid pants and I’ll be set. Yes, this comes with a story.

The other day, I was talking with a few writery friends about what an author’s uniform would look like. We looked up a number of “author lookbooks” and I noticed that the one thing they had in common was… plaid pants. Is that the equivalent of a badge? Maybe the pattern or color depicts what type of writer you are. Does the red/black plaid mean you write horror? And the beige/black say you’re a literary writer? But then I thought, What kind would I wear?

Why… these, of course:

But then, What type of writer would I be?

The comfortable type.

So what color/pattern of plaid would you wear? Do you have a blazer? Where are you on the pajama-blazer scale?

Time Machine

This video is sponsored by Squarespace.

Except that this isn’t a video.

Also a WordPress website so…

I was thinking about my various creative outlets and remembered that I had a blog once. One that had been filled with words, purged, then filled again. Over and over. This never-ending cycle of wordvomit and embarrassment. Then I thought, Is blogging still a thing? No. I don’t believe it is.

So here I am! While the world is enamored with TikTok, I chose to jump in my time machine and start blogging instead. Maybe I’ll bring it back. Maybe I’m a hipster at heart and I love all things old and quirky. Maybe it’s just me that’s old and quirky.


The other day I was thinking about my writing goals and realized that most of my goals have been long since forgotten, having been replaced by the complacency of having a regular job. I’m still working freelance but as far as freelancing gigs are concerned, my current contracts are ones I’ve held steady for two to three years. This is as “regular” of a job that I’ve had in a long time since I normally opt for short contracts so I can test waters and experiment with writing styles.

But these steady gigs have also made me realize, since I have regular paychecks coming in, I should have a regular routine. One which is filled with the type of creativity I crave. Right?


I am fortunate enough to be able to write every day. I have the time to read every day. If I so choose (and if I can stay off YouTube–my social media poison of choice these days), I can spend valuable time honing my craft. So why hasn’t that happened?

I’ll tell you why… It’s because I’ve become complacent. Oh wait, I said that already, didn’t I? Well, I guess we all knew the answer then.

It’s around January 1st when I aim to dedicate valuable time to this website. I’ll post weekly blogs, I say. I’ll steadily post on social media, I say. I’ll write like the wind and I’ll finally get the guts to query and submit. Then, after failing to meet one of those goals, I’ll just give up on the lot.

This isn’t a vow.

I can’t tell you that I’m going to do those things now. I can say that I will try. I’ve been working hard at trying to maintain a steady schedule for work, writing, and for vlogging. It’s been six weeks of vlogging each week. A fellow creative and I have been practicing and trying to strengthen our vlogging muscles with videos (kept private, while we experiment with technique, content, and style). This week has been my favorite video by far. If it turns out right, I might even make that video public.

So look forward to random updates, an occasional vlog, maybe a short story or two, and me.



Oh Hai There

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. While I’m not super consistent about posting on this blog, know that there is always a lot going on around me.

Just to help this go by faster, let’s do another lightening round update!

  1. Our house may be haunted by a ghost. In reality, it’s probably just a hallucination from lack of sleep because I just did a 20-hour writing challenge. To clarify, it was actually supposed to be a 24-hour writing challenge but I am lame and crashed at around 4:30AM and took a four hour nap before finishing off the challenge. Seriously though… The Director of HR and I both saw the ghost in the hallway. Just a big mass of white moving from one end of the hallway to another.
  2. The air plants have upgraded to an office with two floors. I’m debating on whether or not I should add a third floor before I start building cubicles for them.
  3. Remodeled my office including: smart bulbs, smart outlets, cleaning off my desk, adding snazzy glass monitor risers, getting a stand for my fountain pen collection, and adding a wiretap (an AI assistant) for my desk. I think I mentioned last time that I also got a new desktop and speakers. And if I didn’t mention that…. I got those things.
  4. I’m continuing to write short stories with a couple of friends. We’re having a ton of fun with the whole prompt-swap-critique thing and I am slowly amassing a collection of short stories which (hopefully) I can compile into two or three actual collections for sale. YAY!
  5. I FINALLY came up with a novel idea that I love.
  6. The podcast is officially in the works. I’ll be posting a trailer or two here this week. Episodes will be available here, on Podbean, and on YouTube as well. Episodes will go up on Tuesdays. I’ll put up two teaser trailers this week and next week, I’ll put up my first official episode. Yay! I’m so scared.
  7. The Great Husbando, The Director of HR, Husbando’s parents, and I went out for a hike a few weekends ago and saw some beautiful waterfalls. It was so nice to go out in nature once again.
  8. I’ve started using the HB90 planner system and I’m loving it. I’m still trying to find my groove with some of the set-up but so far my productivity has increased and I’ve been feeling a lot better about my goals and direction.

As far as posting here on the blog, it’ll probably be a little sparse but I’ll also be replacing written content with weekly or bi-weekly audio content. I really need to come up with a posting schedule and a plan for what I want to do. I’ve been watching a lot of Authortube vlogs because I like the feel of a vlog versus other types of writer-y content. My hope is to emulate that enthusiastic, personable, friendly writer energy in my podcast.



“July” 30-Day Challenge

The other day, I gave The Great Husbando a big hug and while in this warm embrace he said, “Your heartbeat is really fast.” Now while I could have just dropped an “It’s because I’m near you,” I didn’t because I knew the reason why: heart disease, hypertension, and all of those other worrisome cardiovascular illnesses and diseases that in both sides of my family. Also, I’ve been struggling with anemia.

The past few days, my average resting heart rate has been in the high 90’s. While it is in the normal range, it’s on the higher end. Happy 35th birthday indeed.

At the start of July, my 30-day challenge was to win Camp NaNo. But, something a little more important seems to have come up. While numerous artists have been recognized posthumously, I haven’t finished and published anything yet so I should probably extend my life a little. Otherwise, there will be nothing to recognize after my death.

With that in mind, I’m changing my 30-day challenge from “Win Camp NaNo” to “My Heart Will Go On” otherwise known as the Mediterranean Diet. I’m going to go strict-Mediterranean for the first 30 days. Then ease up just a little, incorporating a few cheat meals here and there afterward.

Vegetables! Tomatoes! Fish! Chicken! Olive oil!


I’m not a big chicken fan. So I’m on the hunt for a few chicken recipes that I don’t mind having on a regular basis.

The Great Husbando has been incredibly supportive and even says that he’ll join me in my healthy eating quest. I’ll have to rehome my newly acquired jar of Red Vines (The Great Husbando’s dad is a Red Vine fan luckily), and I’ll have to start looking around for the best places for bulk veggies and–Oh, wait! I have a Costco card like a real grown-up now.

Besides, I bought a book on the basics of private investigations and have been trying to find a good system to start memorizing RCWs. Private investigators shouldn’t have heart disease. It tends to interfere with all of the investigating and fence-hopping and adultery-proving and saving cats from trees.

*overly fast heartbeat hugs*


Storytime! feat. Whidbey Island and birthdays

Chapter One: Whidbey Island

A few weekends ago, The Great Husbando, the Director of HR, and I ventured out into the wilds, otherwise known as… the outdoors. Just for two days. My family wanted to go to Whidbey Island to spend some time together and go on a short adventure. So, we all donned our masks, kept our hand sanitizer handy, and packed our car for a 48-hour excursion.

Whidbey Island is as beautiful and peaceful as it is… boring. Don’t get me wrong, I have my favorite stops: The Purple Moon, Whidbey Coffee, and The Book Nook. But once you’ve seen the local parks and have visited your favorite shops, what else is there to do? Have a surprise hike, up a mountain, in denim jeans, with absolutely no water, in the hot sun, wearing a face mask, and with your 70-year old parents.

When the DeVore trio arrived back at the hotel, we spent the rest of the night looking for dinner but since businesses were still on a limited schedule, all of the restaurants were closed. What an end to a weird and painful day.

The Director of HR had never looked so tired before. He was sprawled on the bed and didn’t move for quite a while. I would occasionally poke at him. He acknowledged my presence with a grumble and an eye-roll. I’m sure I did the same to The Great Husbando.

When we arrived home, I realized that I had my fill of “peopleing” that weekend. I think I’ve finally recouped after two weeks of holing up in our house. I’ve realized that since quarantine started, it takes a lot more energy to be social, even though I miss it. The idea of going out and seeing my friends is still exciting to me but I know it will take a lot out of me. I wonder if anyone else has felt their introvert-tendencies grow in this time, or if it is my experience alone.

Until things go back to normal (I have a feeling this is the new normal, though), I am content to work on personal projects and surround myself with plants. Plants which I have not yet accidentally murdered. Gold star for me!

Also, I made them a conference table out of craft wood so now they can properly plan out how to take over the world.

Chapter Two: Birthdays

My birthday is on July 12th and my mom’s is on July 14, so we usually spend an afternoon with the family, doing some sort of barbecue-picnic-family reunion thing. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. This year was no exception. Mom made lumpia. We all arrived at her house with gifts and food in hand. The Director of HR was excited to not have a tie on.  We got to watch my niece pester one of her younger brothers (as is her right as the older sibling).

One of the most notable presents I received this year was a Costco membership from my brother and sister-in-law. Yesterday afternoon, I donned my mask and headed down to get our first Costco membership. Now we’re like real grown-ups. And (of course), my first purchase was a pack of moleskin notebooks and a 5 1/2 lb jar of Red Vines. You know. Like grown-ups do. In my defense, I wanted my first Costco purchase to be something that screamed “writer” and “private investigator” so I figured Red Vines would serve as a nice substitute for cigarettes.

Oh. Did I not mention that I want to get a private investigator’s license? Yeah, that’s also a thing.



Teleseryes… Podcasts… Pride… Mules…

I wouldn’t say that I’m in a creative rut. On the contrary, I’m buzzing with excitement and creativity. The problem is I don’t know where to focus it. I

Hardwood floors made of Popsicle sticks, creepy Victorian wallpaper, and one of my characters appearing in a dumbwaiter.
STORY: “The Traveler”

have a non-writing creative outlet (I’ve been working on a few dioramas of scenes from some old short stories). However, when it comes to writing, I… don’t know where to focus my energy.


Unnamed Filipino Teleseryes Project

I’ve slowly (too slow, I might argue) been creating a Filipino soap opera -style novel, or novella. I’ve only been working on it for about a week but it’s been really fun and I love the twists and turns that I’ve come up with. I’m even debating on turning it into a serial to publish here on the site. Just a thought.


Short Story Collection

I have short stories and flash fiction pieces. I have a lot of them. I’ve been meaning to compile them into a collection for publication. The only problem is that… Well, what I really have are three different short story collections (if I categorize them by themes):

  1. Epistolary stories
  2. Lovecraftian stories
  3. Misc.

Yeah, okay, the last one isn’t really a theme. But I do have a handful of stories that don’t fit in either of the other formats. So there’s that.



I’ve been flip-flopping between creating a:

  1. Writing podcast called “Just Add Ninjas”. I even have the cover art ready. This would mostly a write-with-me style podcast where I would be working on a 70,000-word novel (or a collection of short stories). As I went through the process, I would do writing challenges and would encourage the listeners to write along with me.
  2. Introvert podcast. Or a Friend-cast? Or a …okay, the idea is that The Great Husbando, a rotating group of friends, and I would chat “with” the listeners (basically talking to the listeners like we’re friends) and do “friend-style” activities “with them”. Note all the quotation marks. It’s a rough idea to explain aloud but it works well in my head. I would record movie commentary (that could be played alongside a movie), we’d have book club episodes with children’s books, and we would otherwise chat and do other fun activities you normally do with IRL friends.

While I had already created the cover art for the writing podcast, I have created a trailer for the second option. I’ve also bought a couple of lav mics to use with our phones for either write-with-me episodes for “Just Add Ninjas” or for the movie commentary for the introvert podcast. I just don’t know which I’m more passionate about and which would help/entertain listeners more.


Pride Parade

I was happy to hear that (while a festival isn’t an option this year) pride events aren’t *fully* canceled here in our county. The local pride organization has set up a “vehicle” parade for the 18th. I’m super excited! I bought one of the “Pride Boxes” filled with memorabilia to proudly show our support for the community! A friend offered to pick me up but The Great Husbando said he wants to show his support too so we’ll happily meet our friends there. I want to create a couple banners or posters as well, to show my support for the LGBTQ+ POC community. In these crazy times, sharing our love for one another and spreading happiness is so important. We’re all human and we all deserve love and support. It shouldn’t matter what shade of beautiful your skin is or who you love. What matters is what’s in your heart and soul.


A Drink Recipe from the Two-Headed Calf:

Backstory: The Two-Headed Calf is the dry bar we inherited from The Great Husbando’s grandparents. While it’s not healthy to romanticize the “drunk writer” lifestyle of yore, it’s still fun to do. Not be a drunk. That’s not fun. But romanticizing your passion or career can be fun if no one is getting hurt. Besides, a little libation can (sometimes) get the words flowing when I find myself feeling hindered. Please drink responsibly.


The Moscow Mule Two-Headed Calf


The Great Husbando and I have been enjoying the heck out of good ol’ fashioned Moscow Mules lately. Of course, we don’t have those snazzy copper mugs to serve them in. Something to add to my birthday wishlist for next week, I guess.


What you’re going to need:

  • A shot and a half of vodka
  • A half of a lime
  • A cup of ice cubes
  • A half of a cup of ginger beer

What you’re going to do with those things:

  • Fill a chilled glass or a copper mug about halfway with ice
  • Pour in the vodka
  • Squeeze lime over the vodka and get as much of the juice out as you possibly can
  • Top with ginger beer (I recommend around three ounces of ginger beer)
  • You can optionally garnish with the lime wedge, some mint, or a ginger candy

Whoops. Time for the Lightening Round Update.

Hey, so it’s been a hot second. Instead of my normal, super-long blog post, I’m just going to update you lightening-round-style. Ready? OKAY! Let’s do this!

  1. I had to let my snails go back into the wild. But I was glad to have one of my best friends go out snail hunting with me. She was such a trooper, going out in the drizzle/rain and poking under pots at our local nursery. I’m glad to have been able to spend some time with her, even if I was unable to keep my little snail buddies.
  2. My plants have taken over the Molluskatonic University brownstone facade I made for my snails. So at least nothing is going to waste.
  4. I.T. Friend and I are doing a, sort of, short story challenge where we send each other prompts each week and then send each other the completed short stories (12 pages max) each week.
  5. I’m still bad at roller skating cause I haven’t been practicing (due to a health issue). But I feel much better now so no excuses now.
  6. I will be starting a new podcast. It’s either going to be “The Introvert Friend Party” Podcast or “Just Add Ninjas” a writing podcast. That content will replace my long weekly blogs. Instead, I’ll just be posting the audio for the podcast. I often just drop projects but this time around, I’ve already bought some extra lav mics so… Money is now involved. Speaking of which…
  7. I was doing great with my “Not going to spend any extra money” in June until I bought the lav mics. In my defense, that has to do with a project and isn’t just, like, something I won’t use. Does that count? *sigh* I think I failed my June challenge.
  8. I think I have adult-onset ADHD which is one of the reasons why…
  9. I started a bujo again. YAY!
  10. I deleted the Facebook and Twitter apps off my phone and… It. Feels. Amazing.
  11. My July challenge is to successfully complete Camp NaNoWriMo and I am STOKED. It’s been a while since I was this excited about a NaNo event. Maybe it was because I was so drained last November. Maybe it’s because I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders since I stepped down as ML.
  12. I got another succulent. Meet Lizzy.
  13. I got a promotion with one of my clients. That means I can focus on that I don’t have to look for supplementary contracts to pad my paydays. That also means I can really focus my spare time on my own personal writing/podcasting projects. WOOO!
  14. I’ve been spending a lot of time watching and attending AuthorTube Livestream write-ins lately and it’s really boosted my enthusiasm for writing.
  15. Finishing a short story for my critique group has also helped boost my enthusiasm.
  16. I got in a tiff with a local author on my FB about one of my FB posts. Oops.
  17. I’m really excited about my CAMP NANO PROJECT.

So much has happened in the two weeks between posts. With the new audio format for “blogging”, things are going to get shaken up here on the website.


In the meantime, be kind to each other and read up.




Creatives… Snails… Updates… Coffee Liquor…

The Bloggy Part:

Today I wanted to share some great POC creatives. Fair warning, I spend a lot of time on YouTube, so a lot of these creators are YouTubers. No shame, just letting you know ahead of time, where you will be spending too much of your time.

Kelly Stamps is a hilarious, straight-forward, tiramisu-loving YouTuber. I’m not just subscribed to her YouTube channel because of her sense-of-humor and her love for Law & Order SVU. I’m subscribed because her content feels genuine and she gives off this wonderfully confident and badass vibe that I admire. Her channel is mostly about her journey as a YouTuber, unique vlogs, travel videos, and inspirational videos where she talks about topics like self-care. I love her “Kelly’s Food Stamps” playlist. My favorite video is the one where she tries to make tiramisu. It was so honest. A lot of YouTubers just show their best takes in the kitchen (with a couple of bloopers at the end). You just have to watch it. I was rooting for her the whole time.

Tamara Woods is an Authortuber. On her channel, she talks about grammar, books, other writing topics, and #ProjectAuthortube. I have to gush her weekly write-ins. Virtual write-ins are my jam! I can write in my pajamas, listen to other writers talk about topics, and be productive all at the same time. Her write-ins are always super diverse, welcoming, and I love her energy.

It’s also through Tamara (and her write-ins) that I’ve found The Naked Firefly and KaShay Warren. All three of these wonderful ladies post writing content on a regular basis. I’m super new to subscribing to The Naked Firefly and KaShay so I can’t share too much. As far as I can tell TNF writes under the pseudonym Kierra L. Rose and has a debut novel coming out next month (how exciting!) and has write-ins every Friday morning. KaShay’s last live stream was a Self-Care Sunday Crochet chat. I absolutely LOVE that idea and I hope she does it often so I can join in. (SPOILER: she does Self-Care Sundays every week.)

I’m really new to roller skating and I don’t know much of the culture too much. I have followed a few skaters on Instagram, however:

Asia Eryan: @sk8galpozzi

Toni Nicole: @gr00vyquads

Missy Savage: @missysavage68


Something I’m OBSESSED About:

One word (kind of): SnailHaus.

The more formal moniker of this new development is named after the “Miskatonic University,” which exists only in H.P. Lovecraft’s fiction. Our snail habitat is called the Mollusk-atonic University Faculty Dorm.

This is just the facade of their habitat.

Their actual habitat has two floors (I don’t think I need to add a ramp (because snails), but we’ll see.

Here is one of mah widdle bebehs. I’ll take better pictures of all my little guys later.

Right now the Molluskatonic University Faculty Dorm sits on my desk. That little peek-a-boo snail is a clay one made by my friend, DeltaSierra. ISN’T IT THE CUTEST THING?!

Yes. That’s right. We now have snail tenants. Welcomed snail tenants, not the unwanted kind. I have given them the most prosperous, pretentious names I could think of. Since the cardboard facade I built (to go around their habitat) was meant to look like a brownstone, I decided our new tenants were going to be 3 Mollusk-atonic University professors living together:

  • Fredrick Teague SHELLby III, Professor of Archeology
  • Earnest DIGby Whitaker V, Professor of Art History
  • Ansley Margaux WHORLington IV, Water Polo Coach

I also have five teenie tiny Myosotella myosotis who are, of course, four Molluskatonic University students:

  • Charles
  • Dexter
  • Ward
  • Herbert
  • West

You might be thinking, “Joy. Isn’t this the hobby of a six-year-old?” And while you wouldn’t be wrong. You are… so very wrong. Apparently.

A few months ago, I happened upon one of those cute pictures of tiny snails doing adorable things in the wild by macro-photographer, Vyacheslav Mishchenko. I thought, “This must be why kids keep snails as pets.” And this thought kept nagging at me.

Why couldn’t I do it? Adults have all sorts of pets. I keep Teddy, Director of Human Resources as a pet, for goodness sakes. I should be able to keep a couple snails, if I want. It turns out, plenty of adults do this.

Most snail owners keep their mollusk friends in vivariums (an enclosed area, maintained to keep and raise plants and animals for observation). Though most of you might be thinking terrariums, which often have artificial elements for their residents. Then of course there is a paludarium which is a mixture of terrestrial and aquatic elements. Not to get confused with equilibrium which is both a state of rest of balance due to the equal action of opposing forces and a movie starring the great Sean Bean.

The difference between the six-year-old hobby of keeping snails in shoeboxes and my construction of the Mollusk-atonic University Faculty Dorm is the fact that I have put time and money into this and my parents won’t release my snails in the wild, under the cover of darkness, after they’ve grown tired of them.


30-Day Challenge Update:

Writing: I have been writing (and rewriting) scripts for the writing podcast I have been preparing for so I’ve been neglecting the whole “writing fiction” thing. In all honesty, that is really what I should be focusing on when it comes to writing every day. So from this point forward, I’m aiming to only count “narrative writing” for this challenge.

Skates: This last week, my time in skates has been a little sporadic. Between spending all of last Saturday with my in-laws and feeling under the weather on Tuesday, I’ve been slacking. But I still have 2/3 of the month left and I plan on spending the rest of it on wheels.

Spending: I’ve refrained from superfluously spending my money since May 31. Whoop whoop!


A Drink Recipe from the Two-Headed Calf:

Backstory: The Two-Headed Calf is the dry bar we inherited from The Great Husbando’s grandparents. While it’s not healthy to romanticize the “drunk writer” lifestyle of yore, it’s still fun to do. Not be a drunk. That’s not fun. But romanticizing your passion or career can be fun if no one is getting hurt. Besides, a little libation can (sometimes) get the words flowing when I find myself feeling hindered. Please drink responsibly.


“The Call of Kahlua”


I need a comfort drink. The world is on fire and I’m never uncomfortable anymore. When I’m craving a comfort drink, I don’t turn to hot toddies, I turn to my first go-to drink: Kahlua and Coke. I used to order these all the time because I could just drink them all night without having to worry about getting drunk. They’re sweet and satisfied my sweet tooth. Also coffee flavor. And caffeine from the soda. I mean, it has it all. Unless you want to get s***-faced. Then, you’ll want something a little stronger than these. Anyway, for our purposes, I’m calling this one: The Call of Kahlua.


What you’re going to need:

  • Two parts Kahlua (or your favorite coffee liqueur)
  • Three parts Coca Cola (or your favorite dark soda)

What you’re going to do with those things:

  • Fill a Collins glass halfway with ice.
  • Add Kahlua to the glass
  • Add soda to the glass
  • Gently stir
  • (Optional) Squirt in a splash of lime juice to top it off.
  • Drink responsibly. 
  • Educate yourself.
  • Get a snail.
  • Get your snail a snail friend cause they’re happier in groups.

I know I just posted yesterday. Today is something a little different. I still plan on highlighting some great P.O.C. artists during my Monday blog post next week but I wanted to share something else today. It comes too late and just couldn’t wait any longer.

If you’re looking to do something for the Black Lives Matter Movement and can’t go to a protest or don’t have the extra funds to spare, please look into signing some of these petitions. Read the story, sign the petitions, share the links, donate if you can.

Justice for George Floyd

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery- Pass Georgia Hate Crime Bill

Fight for Breonna

Mandatory Life Sentence for Police Brutality

Investigate the killing of Tamir Rice

Reopen Kendrick Johnson’s Case

Justice for Regis Korchinski-Paquet

Find more petitions here.

In yesterday’s post, I said the smallest of things. It was even as PC as I could make it and that was wrong of me. I was afraid of saying something offensive since I’m filipina and not black. I didn’t want to make it about myself. I didn’t want to accidentally say something that would make it worse. But then, as I watched a video put up by one of my favorite Authortubers, I thought, “Why didn’t I say it?”

There are so many things that I want to say. About how the word “unfair” doesn’t even begin to explain the centuries of discrimination and racism against black people in this country and in other countries as well. No, I can’t understand what that level of racism might feel like, but I am trying to educate myself. I’m trying to learn about what I can do. Even if I can’t make a huge difference, trying to live an honest anti-racist life is the least I can do. I urge you to do the same by:

  • looking into where your money goes
  • not turning a blind eye to the racism around us
  • reading up on the issues

Stay safe.

Stay educated.

Love one another.